Trotters Talent | Part 15: Potential Chinese Superstar

The goals of Ryan Cassidy had singlehandedly inspired Bolton Wanderers into the upper reaches of the Championship in 2026/27, along with a pretty damn solid defence. But could they maintain their strong start to the campaign and push up into the playoffs?

Trotters Talent | Part 14: Goalscoring Hero

The steady growth of Bolton Wanderers was confirmed by the media finally deciding they were no longer favourites to be relegated in the 2026/27. However, the club's financial concerns returned thanks to the new board's strange decision to blow a non-existent £100 million on a new stadium.

Trotters Talent | Part 12: Goodbye Financial Ruin?

Bolton Wanderers had continued to exceed expectations by staying in the Championship for a third successive time and recording a second successive top ten finish in 2024/25. There's plenty to be excited about with the club's finances looking in ruder health and with just one year remaining on the monthly director's loan repayments.

Trotters Talent | Part 9: Trotter Talents Step Up

Bolton Wanderers were once again performing well above expectations in their second season in the Championship, sitting nicely in the upper mid-table as 2024 approached. But the most pleasing thing about the club's progress is the number of homegrown players starring in the first-team.

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