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Do you like your Football Manager reading in a little longer form?

Well, I transformed my blog saves into books! You can pick them all up on Amazon for as little as $1 each. And, if you have Kindle Unlimited, then they are absolutely free. What a bargain!

Hit the links below to read on… or discover the entire series at
Football Manager Stories.

Atalanta Avventura (FM19)

From humble beginnings in Bergamo, this tale follows a virtual Football Manager’s path to building a club capable of competing with the world’s best. Not only that he goes on to become the greatest manager of all time. From record sales and signing exciting youngsters to hordes of ‘regens’ and rewriting the history books, this story epitomises what makes Football Manager such an addictive game for millions of people worldwide.

The Journeyman (FM20)

What began as an escape from lockdown boredom in April 2020 develops into more than 20 years of virtual Football Management across Europe. Fledgling manager Robí Sebastian Jesús di Lathamé begins in Portugal and takes control of seven clubs in six countries, plus three international teams.

Soviet Surge (FM21)

Russian football manager Vladimir Latunov sets his sights on dominating Eastern Europe in the summer of 2020. His mission is to lift the national title of all 13 countries available on Football Manager 2021. An adventure that begins in Poland sees him manage some of the biggest clubs in Eastern Europe, leading unfancied minnows to glory with the occasional sacking for good measure. But what you can always expect from Latunov is his spiky, fiery Russian temperament coming to the boil.

Crazy Gang (FM22)

Football fans of a certain age will fondly remember the good old days of football when it was more than acceptable to give a tricky winger a kick up the arse to keep him quiet. Nowadays, that’s far from the case and, frankly, it’s boring to watch.

So instead of this modern obsession with tippy-tappy rubbish and nauseating passing out from the back, I wanted to create an aggressive, horrible team that would take delight in kicking their opponents in Football Manager 22. We take control of AFC Wimbledon, aiming to implement the approach of the infamous Crazy Gang.

Aswijan Assignment (FM20)

Aswijan Assignment follows a fledgling Brazilian football manager from the very bottom of the Aswijan footballing world on a journey that takes him right to the big time. Expect plenty of adventures, some really good times and some absolutely terrible times in this thrilling Football Manager Story that prides itself on being inherently different.

Roth Raivers (FM20)

Robí di Lathamé turned his hand to the Scottish Football League, taking the reins at little old Raith Rovers. And it didn’t take him long to develop a love for the club and, likewise, the good people of Fife soon loved him back. Follow this Football Manager Story from Scottish League One to challenging the Old Firm and facing Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeú.

Trotters Talent (FM21)

Fledgling manager Robi di Lathamé was a lifelong Bolton Wanderers fan who’d seen his beloved club sink to new lows of the fourth tier of English football. But in the summer of 2020, he put the steps in motion to set that straight as he assumed the reigns of his boyhood club hellbent on restoring them to their former glories. And, in a tale that spans 30 years of virtual football management, he manages to do that and much, much more. Discover the growth of a club that tastes glory as a result of producing a steady stream of homegrown players, aka Trotters Talents.

Aventuras Américas (FM22)

In July 2022, a man who’d spent his whole life grafting on the streets of Medellín decided he was done with his monotonous life of hard labour. Against the advice of his friends and family, he was hellbent on becoming a Football Manager.

Bizarrely, a club in Chile takes a gamble on him, which sees him leave Colombia for the first time. 70 years later, he eventually retires as the greatest person ever to have managed in the beautiful game. Join us on this epic journey as Robinho Lazaró attempts to conquer North and South America, before taking on Europe and returning to where it all began.

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