Wonderkid Factory | Part 40 | The End Of Wonderkid Factory

As the clock ticked over to 2042, Robinho Lazaró called off his time at Envigado, standing down as a true legend of the club. He'd taken a club from relegation favourites in 2021 to becoming one of the best teams in South America, purely using homegrown talents from the Envigado Wonderkid Factory.

Wonderkid Factory | Part 33 | La Cantera De Héroes

The streets of Envigado had witnessed their fair share of wild parties greeting their fútbol heroes' rapid rise to success. But the summer of 2037 saw a seemingly neverending fiesta callejera as manager Robinho Lazaró and his team of young homegrown stars partied with their adoring fans having lived up to the "La Cantera De Heroes" - the quarry of heroes - motto.

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