Aswijan Assignment | Part 10: Transfer Record Smashed!

Zagora Athletik came into a first season in the big time of Aswijan's Liga Regale knowing they faced an absolutely massive task if they were to avoid relegation.

Aswijan Assignment | Part 3: The Birth of the Mitsetse Derby

The first two months of life in Aswijan saw us get acquainted with Zagora Athletik and, eventually, settle into a formation and style that suited our players. And the relentless schedule of playing every Wednesday and Saturday was set to continue for a considerable time to come, which would eventually take its toll.

Aswijan Assignment | Part 2: Trial and Error

Last time out, we selected the team that we will take charge of in Aswijan - Zamora Athletik. And we gave you a brief overview of the club, its league competition Liga Dukh, and introduced you to some of its better players and exciting youth prospects.

Aswijan Assignment | Part 1: Welcome to Aswijan

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the brand new country of Aswijan for a Football Manager 2020 save that's a little bit different. If you haven't read the introduction to this series then go and give it a read here. If you have, then let me introduce you to our new life in Aswijan.

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