The Journeyman | Rotterdam or Anywhere: Part 4 – Career Match 1,000

I don't want to jump boat after a season as I'm keen to see if we can build something with this Feyenoord side. There's plenty of potential in the club with several exciting youngsters (and there weren't any other jobs going in the summer).

The Journeyman | Rotterdam or Anywhere: Part 1 – Time to Reset

This Journeyman save has certainly been an interesting adventure. Having started out as a mission to rebuild Sporting Lisbon that immediately delivered massive success, we then went on to rebuild Valencia, fail at Cagliari, bring glory back to Dortmund and Man City. Not to mention international excitement with United States, Denmark and England.

Marching On Together: Part 11 – Super Sidnei

With another season of European football to come at Elland Road, we headed into the 2023/24 campaign in a confident mood and with more exciting youngsters establishing themselves as first choices. The summer of 2023 saw a fairly hefty clear-out, which included a club record sale and a club record total of incoming transfer fees.... Continue Reading →

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