Roth Raivers | Part 10: Season 3 Reflection

Young English manager Robí di Lathamé was working wonders at Raith Rovers, having led the Kirkcaldy side to a second promotion in three years by lifting the Scottish Championship trophy.

Roth Raivers | Part 9: Chasing The Championship

A flying start to a second campaign in the Scottish Championship saw Raith Rovers sitting pretty 11 points clear at the top after 14 matches. But could young manager Robí di Lathamé maintain the spirit amongst his group of young players and chase down an unlikely promotion?

Roth Raivers | Part 8: A Flying Start

Not too many managers spend zero money and make a near £3 million profit yet manage to achieve success. But that was the case for young English manager Robí di Lathamé as he moved into his third season in Kirkcaldy with Raith Rovers.

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