Atalanta Avventura: Part 22 – An Enforced Tactical Rethink

Having won a fourth straight Scudetto in 2027 a major tactical switch was upon Atalanta in the summer, largely enforced due to yet more major departures. The biggest outgoing saw Antonio Marin, our main attacking threat since the start of the save, leave the club on a free transfer to Arsenal - having refused to... Continue Reading →

Atalanta Avventura: Part 15 – Defending Serie A

Having completed the first ever Serie A title in Atalanta history in the 2023/24 campaign, the expectations were heightened for the next campaign. The season began with some major departures, as we brought into £141 million in sales. That included selling unsettled winger Frederic Pereira to Atletico Madrid for £26.5 million and academy product Dejan... Continue Reading →

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