Wonderkid Factory | Part 40 | The End Of Wonderkid Factory

As the clock ticked over to 2042, Robinho Lazaró called off his time at Envigado, standing down as a true legend of the club. He'd taken a club from relegation favourites in 2021 to becoming one of the best teams in South America, purely using homegrown talents from the Envigado Wonderkid Factory.

Wonderkid Factory | Part 33 | La Cantera De Héroes

The streets of Envigado had witnessed their fair share of wild parties greeting their fútbol heroes' rapid rise to success. But the summer of 2037 saw a seemingly neverending fiesta callejera as manager Robinho Lazaró and his team of young homegrown stars partied with their adoring fans having lived up to the "La Cantera De Heroes" - the quarry of heroes - motto.

Wonderkid Factory | Part 14 | Consecutive Cup Finals

The worst league stage of Robinho Lazaró's time in charge of Colombian wonderkid factory Envigado FC was fairly inevitable after losing several key players and replacing them with raw youngsters. But Lazaró was optimistic after a prolonged rest between the Apertura and Finalización stages of the 2028 campaign.

Wonderkid Factory | Part 13 | Fully Homegrown

A summer break was much needed as Robinho Lazaró's Envigado FC endured a heavy conclusion to the 2027 campaign, such is the ridiculous rigour of fixture overload in Colombian football. But that failed to take the gloss off winning the club's first-ever Colombian Cup.

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