FM Experiment | FM Retro 98/99 | Part 5: Parma Come Calling

Trebor Mahtal's overperformance had attracted the attention of one of the biggest clubs in European football. Parma came with an offer that upped Mahtal's wages to £86k per week until 2032.

Bottom At Christmas | Season 1: Norwich City

In 30 years of the Premier League, only three teams have ever survived relegation having been bottom of the league at Christmas. That got me thinking a fun challenge would be to try and brand ourselves a survival specialist and attempt to buck that trend in the virtual world.

Weird FIFA’s weird awards ceremony

This article was first published on my Medium page. FIFA has always been a weird organisation. From the really awful activities of Sepp Blatter and co through to the modern day weirdness of last night’s very odd ‘Best FIFA Football Awards’ — which in itself doesn’t make any sense. Admittedly, I didn’t watch it, I wasn’t interested,... Continue Reading →

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